Eileen Roe Shield WRR

The 2020 event will take place on 11th April 2020 - further details will be published in due course.  



The Junior Womens RR Champs is incorporated into the Elieen Roe Shield Road Race which has was first run in 2018 on the local Lathalmond circuit. The race was extended slightly in 2019 to 61 km and formed part of the Scottish Womens Road Race Series.

The race starts when riders join the circuit from race HQ approximately 5km from the lap/finish area. After the first time through the lap/finish line the race consists of 7 laps of 7.71 km and a total ascent of 111 m per lap.


A well run event, with riders traditionally protected by police outriders and 35+ volunteers assisting in marshaling and driving the support vehicles.

The race is open to all Senior and Junior women riders.

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