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Dunfermline Cycling Club was established in 1935 and is now a friendly, thriving community of cyclists across Fife and the surrounding area. 


Our club welcomes everyone, whether you are new to group riding
or an experienced cyclist. There is an option for participation for you. 


Cycling is a fun and challenging way of keeping fit, building confidence and making new friends. The club has various social events throughout the year along with opportunities to become involved in the running of the club.


Cycling is a great way to train yourself to a healthy body and mind. Even starting from scratch, the techniques you will learn will help build your strength, fitness and confidence for progressing to the next stage. With easy routes and guides on hand, the Club provides a supportive, safe environment in which to learn. 


If you’re ready for the next level, challenge yourself at “improvers” level. This level allows you to progress your skills and take part in more challenging cycles and activities. You will begin to build up regular fitness and see learn more about how to participate in races. Pitching your level at “improvers” will help you understand how to reach the next level.  


If you feel ready to join us for our advanced rides, you will find out our more challenging routes, improve your fitness and be able to compete in our races and challenges. An ideal way to build your fitness, participation at this level means you can maintain your fitness with regular, challenging sessions. 



There are many benefits to joining Dunfermline Cycling Club, not least the chance to be able to talk to like-minded people with a wealth of experience. Fellow club members will be able to give you lots of advice on what equipment to buy, which events to do, cycling etiquette, how to prepare for racing and generally make cycling a more enjoyable experience.


One of Scotland’s oldest clubs, Dunfermline and District Cycling Club was formed in the spring of 1935 following the amalgamation of the Russell Wheelers and the Dunfermline Thistle CC (who were joined later that year by the members of the Dunfermline Bluebell CC).

A Russell Wheelers’ trophy (The Struan Cup), dated 1930, is still in use as one of Dunfermline CC’s championship cups today. The club’s activities in the 1950s very much centred around touring with most racing members alternating their weekends between racing and youth hostelling.


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