Many of our members like to wear club colours when they are out on their bikes. The club colours are a very distinctive yellow, blue and white. Our club clothing is custom made by Endura and is available for purchase at very reasonable prices from our clothing secretary. Usually the clothing secretary will make two or three orders a year with members specifying their orders. The clothing secretary also holds a small stock of jerseys and accessories. 

The following garments are usually available for ordering. Prices depend on quantities - please contact our clothing secretary for more details.  Further kit is available from the Custom section on the Endura website.

Mens Clothing                                                                     

Mens Road Short Sleeve Jersey (Full Zip)           

Mens Road Short Sleeve Jersey (Concealed Zip)   

Mens Road Long Sleeve Jersey (Full Zip)               

Mens Premium Short Sleeve Training Jersey        

Mens Premium Long Sleeve Training Jersey      

Mens Roubaix Jacket                                             

Mens Ultra Packable Jacket                                       

Mens Ultra Packable Gilet                                         

Mens Bibshorts 

Mens Premium Bibshorts 

Mens Premium Short Sleeve Skinsuit 

Mens Premium Long Sleeve Skinsuit 

Womens Clothing

Womens Road Short Sleeve Jersey (Full Zip) 

Womens Road Short Sleeve Jersey (Concealed Zip) 

Womens Road Long Sleeve Jersey (Full Zip) 

Womens Roubaix Jacket 

Womens Ultra Packable Jacket

Womens Ultra Packable Gilet

Womens Bibshorts 

Womens Premium Bibshorts 

Images courtesy of Dunfermline Photographic Association. Thanks to DCC members for modelling.

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