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New Members' Sign-up


This page is for new members of Dunfermline Cycling Club joining for the current calendar year.

All active Dunfermline Cycling Club members must have third party cycling insurance cover. If you do not currently have either Cycling UK(CTC) or British Cycling (Ride, Silver or Gold) membership then you will need to join either of these organisations or provide details of your insurance provision to the membership secretary within one month.

Club Constitution.
All members are required to abide by the rules set out in the constitution document, which can be found at .

Membership Payment & Annual Renewal
Membership is valid for a calendar year. Annual renewals are handled by direct debit. New members will be reminded to complete a direct debit mandate towards the end of the year.

To join the club and pay for this year's membership please click on the "Join Now" button below.

You will be taken to British Cycling web site. It will ask if you are currently a British Cycling member before opening the membership subscription page.

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