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Craig pictured right with his Dad, Iain

Craig Cochrane, one half of the father & son duo, is a social cyclist from Dunfermline that utilises the club coaching & rides to his benefit 


Craig got his first road bike in Spring 2017 and since then has ridden over 19,000km. He loves cycling and tries to do as much as possible – anything from shorter 30km rides on cold weeknights, up to longer 100km Sunday club rides. He is always trying to improve and attempting longer rides with his longest single ride being the 170km Tour of the Kingdom Sportive Black Route, organised by the Club. Craig’s favourite club ride is the 8:30 Saturday Bun Run.


Craig had his first ride with the club on the easier paced 9:30 Saturday Bun Run, a great entry ride for any new member. Craig’s dad, Iain, had been a member of the club for a few years and Craig was excited to be able to join when he was strong enough to keep up with a group (and his dad)!


Craig is also a regular at the DCC coaching sessions at the Fife Cycle Park, which the Club hosts each Tuesday evening. These are available to all members and offer a safe environment to learn bike handling and groups riding skills with our club coach.


Craig is a social cyclist but would like to try racing sometime soon and with a lot of race experience within the club it is another great reason to be a member.


Non Cycling related interesting fact:
Craig has recently finished his first year of university studying Electrical Engineering in Glasgow .

More importantly is Dad keeping up these days?

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