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Stephen pictured with his grand-daughter Aileigh

Stephen is a road & mtb cyclist and has been a member of the club for almost 40 years! 


Stephen got his first 'racing bike' when he was 16 as a means of transport and joined DCC for the first time when he was 21. Stephen joined as he wanted to cycle with others.

Stephen enjoys road and mountain biking and spends about 5 hours per week in the saddle. When he was competing in TT's he was training 12 hours a week. He's now more of a social cyclist although still like to "test" himself when he gets time to train on my own. Stephen spends a lot of time with his granddaughter, Aileigh, who is also a keen cyclist and member of the Club. 


Stephen's biggest cycling achievement was completing the old Blairdrummond 25 mile TT course in under 1 hour. He was not fast but achieved his own target which was to break the hour on it..which he's pleased to say he did a few times.


Non Cycling related interesting fact:

My maternal Grandfather came across from his Native Donegal in 1913 to help build the Naval Dockyard at Rosyth. He landed by boat in Glasgow and walked to his digs in Dunfermline!

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