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Virtual Mountain Time Trial


Due to the current restrictions on events, a decision has been taken to host a virtual version of the popular Knockhill Mountain Time Trial for 2021. This will take place on Sunday the 7th of March at 10am, the same time the real event would have been scheduled to run.


The race will be hosted on the RGT platform which has allowed us to re-create a virtual version of the course. The virtual course is a relatively faithful representation including all the climbs you know and love with a real sting in the tail on the last section from Comrie back to Saline.


The race will start at 10am with riders setting off at 15 second intervals. Start times are allocated on the day when you join the race server. The server should be up and running at least 30 minutes before the event. Once you join the server you will be given a countdown that indicates when your race will start, with each rider being shown their own personal countdown. Riders will set off in the order they joined the server, with the first to join being the first away. NOTE: you must join before 10am to be allocated a start.


The race will be run using Time Trial mode on RGT that removes drafting effects, ensuring that riders cannot draft each other to gain an unfair advantage. It also removes the collision braking effect so that your rider is not forced to slow when approaching other riders.


In order to take part you will need to register with RGT and install the required applications (see for full details).


Once you have the RGT Control application installed you can sign up for the event using the following link:



In addition to the race event, a group ride has also been set up to allow competitors to preview the course on Sunday 28th February at 9:30am:



There is no entry fee and there will be no prizes awarded for this event. Full results will be published on the Dunfermline Cycling Club website and via our social media channels.

If you would like your real name and club/team name listed in the race results. Please send your details to and remember to include your RGT user name in the email so your details can be aligned with the results


Good luck to all who choose to take part. Hopefully if restrictions ease later in the year we can look at the possibility of running a late season event on real roads. 

Knockhill MTT - Map.jpg
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