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Jack Murray announced as Honorary President

Dunfermline Cycling Club have announced their new Honorary President following the passing of John Elder

80-year old Dunfermline Cycling club member, Jack Murray, from Dunfermline, accepted the role at the recent club AGM with gratitude. Jack, who is more commonly known as Jeek in the cycling circuits, joined Dunfermline Cycling Club in 1967 following a successful time trial career in the late 1950’s.

Jack was the founder member of the Kennoway Road Club in 1958 and enjoyed Time Trials, especially the 10 and 25mile events but also competed over 50 and 100 mile distances. Jack’s personal bests before retiring were: 10 mile – 23.16; 25 mile – 58.53, 50 mile – 2:05.18 and 100 mile 4:39.04.

L to R: John Elder and Jack Murray racing in 1950's

Jack, father of 3, said “In 1961 I was a paint salesman on the road, which made me lazy! I went backwards in my cycling fitness due to the nature of my work and family commitments. However, in 1967 work took me to Dunfermline where I was a depot manager. At this point I joined Dunfermline Cycling Club and have been there ever since”

Jack continued “It is a real honour to be the Clubs Honorary President. I have seen the club progress and grow over the years and look forward to continuing to be a part of it”.

Jack raced with the Clubs former Honorary President, John Elder, so it is fitting that Jack takes on the role. The annual Dunfermline road race was renamed the Jack Murray Trophy in 2002 and is now a hotly contested event in the Scottish Cycling calendar.

DCC Club Chairperson, Scott Hutchinson had this to say about Jack: "We are delighted that Jack has accepted our nomination to take on the role of Honorary President! His commitment to the Club after all these years has never waned and he remains as active as ever in attending the Club meetings and contributing in many ways. Our members take great delight at listening to Jacks tales of his racing days and he often brings some fascinating memorabilia along".

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