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We're still here!!!

Whilst our news pages haven't exactly been 'busy' over the last 12 months (there hasn't been a huge amount to write about!) we are still very much active here at DCC HQ!!

- We have our Virtual group rides on Zwift each Saturday at 9am

- The Lockdown Challenge Series including a 400k distance target for recreational riders and our 'Hour Record' outdoor cycling competition! (details below for a flavour of what they are about)

- Club confined races on the RGT platform

- Online Zoom turbo training sessions on Tuesday and Thursdays delivered by British Cycling Level 3 qualified Coach, Neil Daly

Amazingly, some of us are still riding outside where it is still permitted (both legally and weather!).

We are still accepting membership applications at only £17 per year which offers a whole host of benefits. Click on the Join button at the top of this page for more details.


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